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Our 10 Favourite Tips for Quitting Sugar

With our challenge this June all about getting your body moving and keeping sugar at arms length, we thought we’d share with you our best tips for staying on track with the sugar free lifestyle. We will be sharing a few delicious recipes throughout.

Tell those around you of your plan


When you recruit others in your mission it’s a lot easier to stick to it. Whether they’re joining you for the challenge or simply aware of what you’re planning, it will make your life a lot easier. You won’t have to make excuses for ordering something different or feel bad for passing on that office cake. Be up front and people will be more likely to get behind you and support you. It might even make them want to change their habits too.

Recipe: Thai coconut soup by George Eat


Clean out your house of temptation


When there is sugar and treats in the house, you’ll probably eat it. Take the time before the challenge to clean out the fridge and cupboard of things that are going to tempt you. This can be anything from tomato sauce (yes, check that label), to the cookies in the cupboard, to the huge bag of castor sugar you use to bake. Get rid of it all. Either just put it somewhere you don’t have access (if others in your house are using it) or donate it.

Recipe: Avocado cacao mousse by I Quit Sugar  

Plan, plan, plan


It’s easy to succeed when you plan. Meal plan your week and plan out your snacks. Then take the time to meal prep every Sunday. This will make it so easy to reach for sugar free meals and snacks as they’re right there for you. If we don’t plan, we revert back to habits and easy on-the-run options. Often this will mean sugar filled backups.

Recipe: Zucchini & Quinoa Fritters by The Scrumptious Pumpkin  


Don’t deprive yourself


Quitting sugar doesn’t mean you should be missing out. Carbs are still your friends. Wholegrain and delicious sourdough are still on the menu. Dark chocolate is very very low in sugar (85%) and a great option for when you want something indulgent. And if you are a wine drinker, that glass of red wine doesn’t have to be taken off the menu either. It’s not all bad news.  And make sure you’re cooking and preparing delicious meals and snacks that you will look forward to.

Recipe: Sugar free protein balls from JSHealth 


Educate yourself on food labels


The amount of sugar we consume without thinking about it is insane. According to experts, we should be consuming no more than 6 teaspoons (about 25g) of added sugar a day. Make sure you start to read labels of the food you’re buying and read the sugar content in a serving. Things like dairy will have a bit but anything over 4g per 100g will be added sugar. And check the ingredient list. Remember the closer an ingredient is to the start of the list, the more of it is in the food.

Recipe: Spicy chicken strips by Holistic Ingredient 


Read up on what sugar can do to your health


When we undertake a challenge like this, it’s so important to get clear of your ‘why’. Why are you doing this? As it probably won’t be easy. Well, a lot of you are probably doing it for health reasons. But do you really know what sugar can do to your body? Have a read of this article put together by sugar free queen herself Sarah Wilson.

Recipe: Inner goodness smoothie by Keep It Cleaner  


Be kind to yourself when you fall off the wagon


Change is hard. And you’re likely to have a little slip up. Whether you eat something you didn’t realise was full of sugar, or you go for that cake in the office at 3pm, don’t beat yourself up. Long-term consistency is way better than short-term perfection. Enjoy that sugar, notice how it makes your body feel, and then go back to those planned meals you took the time to prepare for yourself.

Recipe: Mac and Cheese  


Give yourself permission to say no


There will always be temptation. And sometimes people will try and push things onto you. Humans have a way of coping better with our bad habits if someone else is enjoying them with us. Your friends will want you to eat sugar, even if they don’t mean it. Give yourself the permission to tell them no. And be brave enough to stick to it. This is why telling people up front makes life easier.

Recipe: Pizza popcorn from Keep it Cleaner  


Fill up on healthy (delicious) fats


Fats keep us feeling fuller for longer, which is helpful for keeping cravings at bay. Peanut butter, almond butter, coconut, avocado, the list goes on. Fill up on these and help your body stop thinking about that pesky doughnut.

Recipe: One-Pan Japanese Salmon  


Keep moving


When we move, our body naturally wants healthier foods. Keep up your daily movements and you’ll notice that as the days keep passing you’re reaching for more wholefoods, naturally.

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