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Pilates and Yoga: a match made in heaven. 

Pilates and Yoga: a match made in heaven.  Some of us are more likely to go to a yoga class, while some of us are usually found working it in a Pilates session. We are creatures of habit after all. But have you thought about combining the two into your regular schedule? The two together […]

Inviting New Things into 2018 

As 2018 is getting into full swing, it’s a nice time to reflect on any resolutions you’ve made, what you want to see for yourself in 2018, and how you might be able to bring that into your life in a wholesome and lasting way. That’s why we’ve decided to run our The Studio Perth […]

Our Favourite Smoothie Recipes for Summer

Four Smoothie Recipes for Summer   Summer is well and truly here with the weather already hitting the high numbers. And we couldn’t be happier. Sweaty yoga and pilates classes should always be followed with something wholesome to eat. And as summer settles in, we love reaching for a cooling and nutritious smoothie. They’re delicious and […]