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Inviting New Things into 2018 

As 2018 is getting into full swing, it’s a nice time to reflect on any resolutions you’ve made, what you want to see for yourself in 2018, and how you might be able to bring that into your life in a wholesome and lasting way. That’s why we’ve decided to run our The Studio Perth February Challenge. It’s time to get serious about what we want for the year. We want to make sure yoga and pilates are a solid habit for us in the year ahead. But we understand your goals might be different.

Whatever our goals are, they can be really motivating and encouraging, but they can also make us overwhelmed. Sometimes we can even go all in too fast and end up right back where be began. And finally, it’s so important to make sure you’re creating goals and plans around the right things. Here are just some of our tips and tricks for making progress towards the things you want while doing so with compassion.


Make sure it feels good

 When we think about the things we want, often we let society and those around us dictate the answers. We choose things that look good on the outside, whether that’s our body, our house, our job title, our clothes, our finances. But it’s important to make sure whatever your goal or whatever you want more of is about how it’s going to make you feel on the inside. It can be challenging, but try to think less about what others will think and move more from the heart.


 Let go of what’s holding you back

 One thing we often overlook is what’s holding us back from already feeling the way to want to feel or having the things we want to have. And that can be the most important thing to address. For example, if you do want that said promotion, what is standing in your way? Is it that there’s not position available and you’ll have to create one, or that you’re scared you won’t get it so you haven’t applied, or you think you’re not good enough for it so you’ve unknowingly been self sabotaging. Do you see what we mean? First let go of the fear, the self-doubt, in order to move around any red tape or logistical issues.


 Make things tangible and create steps to get you there

 Sometimes we aim incredibly high – which is wonderful, but in order to stay motivated, it’s been shown that we need to believe that we can achieve it and in the not so distant future. So make steps towards where you want to go. And that way you get the chance to celebrate the smaller wins along the way, which will just increase motivation towards those bigger goals.


 Create habits

 Bring your goals into your everyday life. If you want to feel better in your own skin, working out may help you get there, but practicing self love every morning might actually get you there faster. Create wholesome habits that help you get to your desired feeling.


 Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

 When we put all our eggs in one basket, it can be easy to get caught up in just that. Often forgetting or neglecting other parts of our lives. Make sure you see the whole world around you and allow yourself to be present in all aspects, no matter how determined you are.


 Honour the work

It can be easy to want something and want it right away. But as we’ve mentioned above, sometimes it takes time and steps and creating habits to get there. And should that mean you’re miserable all the way along? Absolutely not. Make sure you stay grateful for the process and the incredible learnings you’ll have on the way. But also stay proud of yourself for putting in the work so that small steps will eventually turn into big shifts.


Is yoga or pilates something you want to bring into 2018?

 Join us for our The Studio Perth February Challenge. The aim is to make it to your mat each day for the 28 days of February. It’s the perfect opportunity to get a new habit rolling, plus the benefits you’ll feel in your body and your mind are endless. Mix and match the classes across the schedule to keep your body guessing.