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Practicing in Summer

Practicing in Summer

Just as the seasons change, the way we take care of our body needs to change. In winter we eat warming foods, stay rugged up, and hitting our mat is just another way to build more warmth and strength that is very much needed in those long dreary winters. But it can be easy to forget that in sunny summer we need to make sure we’re supporting our body in the best way we can. Especially in the warm place that we live in.

Remember to stay hydrated

Our body sweats to regulate our temperature. So in summer it’s no surprise that we need to drink more to replenish the body. But add exercise to that and we need to drink more again. If you’re noticing that your skin in dry or that your digestion is irregular or that you’re thirsty a lot, you’re in need for some more and perhaps better hydration. You might go for water or coconut water. Or if you’re up for a home remedy, you essentially need carbs, water, and electrolytes. Water, honey, lime juice, lemon juice, and sea salt can do the trick very nicely.

It’s ok to slow things down a little

Sometimes more of the same can be too much. If you’re feeling fatigued, dehydrated, exhausted, or all of the above, you might need to build a little less heat and look for more stillness. Trying a yin class might be the best thing for you. Yin as a type of movement is actually cooling on the body. Is slows, calms, and reduces heat. The perfect balance to a hot summer day.

Eating hydrating foods

Our diet makes up a huge part of our everyday health and energy levels. It’s important that we think about replenishing the body through our diet not just our fluids. Fruits and vegetables are very good at hydrating the body. Large amounts of carbs can make the body retain water so it’s best to up the water intake when you know you’re having a heavier meal.

Summer is often a time for relaxation and celebration

Give yourself the freedom to change what your routine looks like. If you’re pretty regimented and consistent during the year, we understand that when that gets shaken up it can be a little stressful. But it’s important to remember that with summer comes a range of celebrations and a lot of family and friend time. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is let our hair down and enjoy the moment. You can hit the mat again tomorrow.

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