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Five benefits of reformer pilates

Some of our Favourite Benefits of Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates takes the movements and functions of regular mat Pilates and adds resistance and strength with the use of the reformer bed. You’ve probably seen one even if you’ve never done a class; maybe at a physiotherapist, or maybe online. They’re big and have lost of bells and whistles. If you’ve never used one, you can’t be blamed for thinking they look a little overwhelming. But, once you’re in a class, you’ll feel comfortable on these things in no time. So why is reformer Pilates so great for us? Here are just some of the reasons we return to the reformer again and again.

Added resistance while being easy on your joints

Body weight exercises are great and have a whole range of benefits on their own. But adding resistance can help us get even stronger and strengthen different parts of the body in different ways. The reformer beds allow us to add resistance to the Pilates movements but while still keeping the load off our joints and keeping the body very safe. All of the beds have adjustable resistance so you can modify it for your own abilities while still building strength and stability.

Core and stability

As we mentioned, the beds add resistance and weight to movements that are already challenging on the ground. But add to this the need to stabilize yourself to keep from falling off the bed and you’ve got one serious core workout. You’ll find that your deep core muscles, which don’t often get worked as well in standard core exercises, are working in overtime to keep you stable and upright. These are also amazing for posture and functional movements outside the Pilates room.

Can ease back pain

When we work our core in a really functional way, we help our body work better. Often a lot of back pain can stem from a weak core and weak glutes. Pilates, especially reformer Pilates, works both our deep core and our glutes quite a lot. This can help to lengthen the lower back, build strength in the glutes and hips, and relieve pain.

Greater flexibility and mobility

While a lot of the movements in a reformer Pilates class are focused on strength and stability, they also ask quite a lot from the body in terms of flexibility and mobility. This can actually support the body in lengthening and opening more with the use of the straps, springs and bars. This, overtime, can help to build greater mobility from a place of strength and stability.

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