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Doors Open 18th May !

Yes you read right, it’s DOORS OPEN!

We have been blown away by the connectedness and strength of The Studio Perth community.  Seeing all your sweaty and happy faces online has been the best! We are now so excited to be seeing your faces again soon, bringing The Studio happy and positive vibes we know you just love.  Oh and just in time for Winter…..right!  The timing could not have been better. 

So here is the lowdown of what will happen.  We will keep updating you all week as we work towards open doors on Monday.

Monday 18th May our doors will open for Mat classes only in accordance with WA Government Guidelines.  We have got The Studio – Certificate of Acknowledgement to certify that we have completed an eLearning course in Infection Control Training – COVID 19.  If you need that peace of mind, you can see this certificate on our socials, it’s been uploaded on our stories today (and placed in our Instagram highlights for permanent viewing).

Don’t worry we will have plenty of options for those coming to The Studio for classes and those who want to stay at home for now. We know and hear how much you are loving our Live Stream and On Demand classes, so these will continue. 

Our class schedules are now up so you can get booking (if not on suspension).  There will be new booking policies surrounding classes due to reduced capacities but don’t worry, we will be adding classes if needed as we seriously don’t want you missing out.  

We will have a super cool offer for those who are ready to hit the mat again or coming to the end of the Intro Offer, and you will see this by Friday.  It’s a goodie so be ready to jump on board.  For all of you on current offers, passes, adjusted memberships see below for your options:

Virtual 30 day Intro offer
You will now have access to Mat classes, Live Stream and On Demand classes.  If your pass is close to expiring, stay tuned as we have a special offer coming your way this week.  

Live Stream and On Demand $15 per week
This pass will remain active until the 31st May 2020.  After the 31st May, this pass will no longer be valid.  We have a special offer coming your way this week that we know you will want to jump on so stay tuned.  

Autopay Members
For those of you who kept your membership running at $15 per week for the Live Stream and On Demand classes, this will continue until the end of May.   As of the 1st  June your Mat membership weekly payment will automatically kick back in.  If you are a Mat + Reformer member, we will happily change your weekly amount to the Mat membership pricing temporarily until Reformer classes start again, just zing us an email.

Suspended members – If you put your membership on hold please email us to come off suspension ASAP as this will allow you to start booking classes. 

We are staying connected and committed to The Studio community and we can’t wait to see you again!

Love Robbie, Hannah, Jo and The Studio team