Joondalup + Butler   30 Days Unlimited Reformer + Mat Classes $59   East Vic Park


Fundamental Flow

Cultivate. Start your Yoga story here, with the foundations of Vinyasa. Explore the power of breath work to create calm and support performance – all heated to a warm (not hot) 28˚C. Develop strength and stamina and also calmness as you connect mind and body. Level: beginner-friendly.

Hot Slow Flow

Beautifully connected. Slow Vinyasa flow combines postures with breath and flowing movement – all heated to 37˚C. It’s a body-balanced and complete practice; ideal for beginners but nourishing for every body. Slow pace allows for greater attention on alignment and exploration of postures to build confidence, refine skills and commit deeper into the asana. Level: beginner-friendly.

Yin Yoga

Slow healing (unheated). A fusion of Indian and Chinese modalities, this class is the yin/opposite to the yang: hot and athletic styles. Expect a slowdown. Classes involve holding poses for between one and 10 minutes to free the body of muscle and fascia tension, and unlock deep mindfulness in stillness. Calm guaranteed. Level: open.

Yin + Sound Bath Meditation

Harmony and ease. First Yin Yoga, then live Sound Bath. Unlock tension in your body with long hold Yin Yoga postures, followed by a sound bath session where soothing crystal singing bowl vibrations wash over you, cultivate harmony and a safe space to relax. Calm guaranteed. Level: open.

Hot Yoga

26 postures + 2 breathing exercises @ 39˚C. Move through the dynamic posture series, get your heart rate up and sink into the stretch. Calm your mind while strengthening your body! Expect a cleansing, steady sweat. Beginner-friendly, and a sense of achievement guaranteed! Level: open. 

Hot Yoga Fusion

Hot Yoga + Vinyasa. It’s a high-energy fusion class with a set posture sequence all set to big tunes for maximum feel-good vibes and heated to a toasty 39˚C. Expect balance and core work features for next-level burn. This one is invigorating and challenging in equal measure, and rewarding at all levels of experience. Sweat is guaranteed. Level: open.

Hot Power Flow

Progress your practice with challenging postures and flow (no set sequences) heated between 32 and 34˚C. An advanced style, expect to be tested: strength, flexibility and stamina – body and mind. Your Teacher will guide the class towards a posture-goal, theme and or movement focus, with breath work (pranayama) and mindfulness. Power and connection guaranteed. Level: open.