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Benefits of completing a challenge

What are the benefits of completing a yoga/pilates challenge?

We know that getting to your mat can be a challenging task at the best of times. Life just seems to get busier. So why would adding a yoga/pilates challenge to that be a good thing? There are so many benefits to completing a challenge. Whether you decide to practice daily or choose a number that will suit you better, challenges create great habits and forge communities together. Here are just some of the reasons we love to challenge

Your physical practice will change and grow

When you make it to your mat daily or just more consistently, you’ll really start to notice that certain poses start to get easier as you build strength, while you’ll feel yourself going deeper as you build more flexibility and mobility. You’ll also start to feel more stable, more capable, and more willing to try new things.

Your mental practice will also develop

During each and every class, no matter how challenging the physical aspects are, there will also be the added benefits of mindfulness and stillness. This sporadically has great value, but when done consistently, you start to develop the ability to take these practices with you when you leave. You become more comfortable following the breath, you start to notice how you’re feeling more; physically and mentally. And you can start to use the skills you learn in the yoga/pilates room to calm yourself down or to notice your thought patterns before they can affect your mood dramatically.

You will build a greater connection to your yoga community

As you spend more and more time at the studio, you’ll develop a more meaningful connection with your teachers and your fellow yogis. Having familiar faces and people who know your name and your practice is very supportive and motivating.

You will experience such a sense of achievement

One of the best things about a yoga challenge is you get to push yourself and see how far you can stick with it and how much you’re willing to sacrifice. It’s easy to make excuses but when you’ve committed to a challenge you’re more likely to do your best to fulfill that commitment to yourself. And even if you don’t make every session or have to skip a few here and there, you’ll finish with such a sense of accomplishment and you might surprise yourself how much you achieve and how much you enjoy being challenged.

At the end of the day, the only person tracking your progress is you

Remember to challenge yourself to something that will motivate you and something you think you can stick to. If right now you’re doing one class a week try three or four. If you’re doing five, go for every day and see how you go. When you need to rest, rest. But make sure you know the difference between a need to rest and making excuses.

Have you joined the March Elevate challenge yet?

Monday March 4th is day one of our commitment to practice 4 days a week for 4 weeks and we are tingly with excitement at how good you’re all going to feel in body, mind and spirit. Practice any combination of class styles, power up with our high intensity classes or stretch it out with Yin Yoga on the days you need to wind down. Complete the Challenge successfully and not only will you feel great, you will get a The Studio Perth branded Water Bottle and go in the draw to win a One Month Reformer + Mat Membership valued at $250.

Members can participate for free and if you do not have a current membership you can purchase a special challenge membership:

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? 28 Day Mat + Reformer Membership $220
? 28 Day Mat Membership $120

Wednesday 6th March is your last opportunity to join in.

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