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Benefits of Attending Early Morning Classes


While some of us are night owls and others are early risers, we can all benefit from starting the day before the sun and hitting an early morning (yes 6am) yoga or pilates class. We can hear some of you groaning and reaching for that snooze button already, but there is something amazing about practicing before anyone else is even out of bed yet, and here’s why.


You set the tone for your day


How you start your day is very powerful. Hence the saying – waking up on the wrong side of the bed. When you start your day with positivity, movement, breath and mindfulness you’re more likely to carry that into the rest of your day. On top of that, you have the time to set an intention for your practice that can then carry you into the rest of your day. This allows you to create what it is you want and need right from your first hour.


You will keep your body mobile and irritation free


When we sleep our bodies can become a little tight and stiff, this is often due to a build up of connective tissue and fluid around the muscles and joints. But when we practice first thing, we can move some of the build ups creating greater mobility. If we get up and move early in the morning, then all that ‘fuzz’ as it’s known to be called, we’re setting our body right early allowing us to feel better for the rest of our day.


You get your practice done before you have the chance to talk yourself out of it


If you have a busy schedule and fitting yoga in can sometimes be a struggle, getting it in this early removes the battle of cancelling or rescheduling. It also helps you get your movement out of the way before the day can start to own you and life gets in the way. It’s way easier to skip an afternoon class. Life will offer you a million alternatives, but not much else will get done at 6am.


The mind is quieter in the morning after sleep and the body is calmer


During the night the mind slows down and so does the body. We are less stressed and the body is in a greater state of rest. This is incredibly helpful for our practice. When we arrive in this calmer state, we can take that into the movements and be really present with our bodies. This can then help us maintain this state for longer as we start our day.


You will most likely go to bed earlier, getting important sleeping hours in


They say that an hour of sleep before midnight is worth double an hour after midnight. When you have to get up early, you’re more likely to go to bed earlier which means you’re getting a better quality of sleep and your body has a better chance at getting deep and restful sleep. Meaning you’ll feel more rested even though you’re getting up earlier.


You get time back in your day


When we get up earlier and use that time wisely, we give ourselves back the hours we would have later spent at yoga. This time can be spent with family, finishing other activities we wanted to include in our day, or simply getting more down time before bed.  


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