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The Beginner’s Cheat Sheet: Classes

Let’s be real: starting any new movement or fitness regimen can be daunting. That’s why we’ve developed this sweet little cheat sheet with everything you need to know about our classes, so you can find the right fit, and get moving – with confidence. 

But first, here are some essential TSP rules of play:
Almost all TSP Classes are classified “Open”. This means the level of challenge is inherently accessible. These classes are “beginner-friendly” and supportive of those who want more, with plenty of room to challenge your practise (if that’s what you want!)

“The Nurturer” aka Yin Yoga.
Completely new to Yoga and feeling perhaps a little overwhelmed with options? Yin is a smart first stop. This is the no rush – just get to know us type of class. Yin is slower in build and transition pace, so you have time to feel your way through; get to know the postures and sink into it in your own time. It combines long holds and uses props to support shapes and accommodate injury or restrictions. You’ll get good insight into and experience with Yoga, plus relaxation and mindfulness. Calm and connection guaranteed. 

“The Supporter” aka Fundamental Flow.
This is where you can commit to fundamental skill development: build your practice from the ground up. Here we explore the power of breath work to create a calm and support performance – all heated to a warm (not hot) 28˚C. You’ll also develop strength and stamina as you connect mind and body.

“The Builder” aka Hot Slow Flow.
Slow things right down and create space to dive a little deeper into more progressive elements of your practise, like attention to alignment and refining posture performance. It’s a body-balanced and complete practice; ideal for beginners but nourishing for every body, no matter where you’re at.

“The Power Play” aka Hot Power Flow.
We kick things up a notch here with Vinyasa Yoga which connects breath and dynamic movement for higher intensity in flow and build. This one will challenge your muscular strength and mental grit, with pockets of stillness and balance threaded through your experience. There’s also plenty of room for you to travel at your own pace, if you’re new to the scene. Regardless, you’ll feel power-full when you’re done (and come back for more!)

“The Good Burn” aka Hot Yoga.
If you’re a vigorous mover and you like to sweat, Hot Yoga is a challenging but accessible starting point for first timers. It features 26 postures, the same each class, and two different breathing exercises, so you will quickly get to know the structure and flow. People who love it also enjoy the consistency in programming because you can track your progress over time. You’ll sweat, work hard, and leave like you’ve accomplished something BIG.

“The Remix” aka Hot Yoga Fusion.
Like the sound of Hot Yoga, and Hot Power Flow caught your attention too? Cue: Hot Yoga Fusion. It’s the ultimate mash up set sequence that combines strength, balance and core work. There are cool tunes and add 37 degrees to make it the ultimate sweat sess.

“The Energiser” aka Hot Pilates HIIT.
Matwork Pilates plus HIIT intervals, small props and a killer sound track – all with heat. You can expect a high-work-rate affair, meaning you’ll increase your fitness and strength quickly with consistent practice. There is plenty of room to for you to go at your own pace and take options that work for your body and experience with Pilates.

“The Game Changer” aka Reformer Pilates.
The apparatus can be intimidating to the beginner; but we’re here to shatter misconceptions. Reformer is a highly supportive and intelligent apparatus-based format that works for every body: this is why people love it so. Also – you do not have to have previous experience to do a Reformer class. (Louder for the people in the back!) Once you get to know the anatomy of the Ref, we get to work using clever programming and scalable resistance to create a powerful, full body movement experience you will fall in love with. Like all Pilates styles, you have options and the work can be progressed and pulled back to accommodate your body. Disclaimer: once you start, you won’t want to stop.

“The Go-Slow” aka Guided Meditation.
Sometimes we just need a moment, or two, to connect and reboot. You don’t need any experience or special skills for a Guided Meditation. Just come as you are. If group meditation is new for you, you can trust our Teachers to coach you, ever so gently through. It may well unlock a whole new quality of life and calm for you!

Also, hot tip: everyone was once a beginner, there is no shame in the newbie game. We’re thrilled to have you. See you at The Studio Perth!