Joondalup + Butler   20 Days Unlimited Mat Classes $20  East Vic Park

Pilates Class

Hot Pilates HIIT 45

This is a seriously upbeat 45 minute class designed to get you fit really quick. Think mat pilates plus High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) using weights and props in a group energy vibe. Working out in 34C it will seriously get your sweat on, and the shred will be maximum.

Everyone can join this class and expect some serious calorie burn, a detoxification of the body, strengthened muscles, better cardiovascular abilities, and an overall increase in energy.

Power Pilates 45

This class is all about feeling the burn and not just because it is 34 degrees! You will work your entire body through a sequence of mat pilates and isometric exercises that build intensity to tone and strengthen your body. Hand weights can be used in class for resistance to ensure a full body workout with an emphasis on the core, side body, arms and legs. You are certain to feel your body get stronger in this 45 minute powerhouse of a class.

Hot Pilates HIIT 30

Have you only got 30 minutes for a workout? Well we have the class for you!  Modelled of our Hot Cardio Pilates 45 minute class, with the emphasis on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) you will strengthen, tone and burn fat before you can yell woohoo. And don’t be fooled by the timeframe as this class is definitely not halfhearted. Expect to work hard, sweat heaps and feel the seriously good results.