Joondalup + Butler   30 Days Unlimited Reformer + Mat Classes $59   East Vic Park

Pilates Class

Mat Pilates

Take it to the mat! We strip it right back to pure, functional Matwork Pilates in this non-heated, 45-minute workout. Mat sequences, featuring small props and body weight moves, build intelligently for good, honest, whole body strengthening and sculpting. Level: open.

Hot Pilates HIIT 30

Maximum work for minimum time-spend! But don’t be fooled: it’s 30-minutes of pure work and burn. Expect Pilates Matwork sequences packaged into high intensity intervals for big cardio and strength energy and targeted, whole body results. Sweat guaranteed. Level: open.


Hot Pilates HIIT 45

Maximum work and shred. Think Matwork Pilates + High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with weights and small props, all heated to 34˚C. It’s a big, high-energy vibe and burn: cardio and strength combo. Sweat guaranteed. Level: open.

Hot Pilates Power 45

Pilates Power-house. It’s Matwork moves with isometric holds + load and resistance (weights and props) and challenge that builds throughout the class. Hello, full body power blitz and all heated to 34˚C. You will feel stronger in 45-minutes! Sweat guaranteed. Level: open.

Hot Pilates BOX 45

Get fighting fit! It’s Hot Pilates spliced with HIIT intervals of shadow boxing and heated to a warm (not hot) 28˚C. Expect empowering, high-energy work that will leave you feeling like you can take on anything! No combat experience needed. Level: open.