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The Beginner’s Cheat Sheet: Classes

Meditation Classes Perth

Let’s be real: starting any new movement or fitness regimen can be daunting. That’s why we’ve developed this sweet little cheat sheet with everything you need to know about our classes, so you can find the right fit, and get moving – with confidence.  But first, here are some essential TSP rules of play:Almost all […]

Doors Open 18th May !

Butler Yoga and Pilates

Yes you read right, it’s DOORS OPEN! We have been blown away by the connectedness and strength of The Studio Perth community.  Seeing all your sweaty and happy faces online has been the best! We are now so excited to be seeing your faces again soon, bringing The Studio happy and positive vibes we know you just love.  […]

Keeping your cool for the Xmas period

Meditation and mindfulness are everywhere you turn these days and we couldn’t be happier. These practices, whether they’re done as part of your physical yoga practice or all on their own, can have such a deep and lasting effect on our health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically. We believe so strongly in these benefits […]

Five yoga poses for stronger muscles

Yoga has some incredible benefits; from a calmer mind to greater stability and of course flexibility. But one that doesn’t always come to mind first is that yoga makes you stronger and more powerful. It can be an intense full body workout where your body weight becomes the resistance. Here are some of the stronger […]

Why Men Should do Yoga and Pilates

  While the stereotype of yoga and pilates being a female game is slowly changing, there are still a lot of men who are sceptical or hesitant to give yoga and pilates a try. But when it comes to these types of movement, it doesn’t discriminate based on gender (or age or ability for that […]

Benefits of Attending Early Morning Classes

  While some of us are night owls and others are early risers, we can all benefit from starting the day before the sun and hitting an early morning (yes 6am) yoga or pilates class. We can hear some of you groaning and reaching for that snooze button already, but there is something amazing about […]

Pilates and Yoga: a match made in heaven. 

Pilates and Yoga: a match made in heaven.  Some of us are more likely to go to a yoga class, while some of us are usually found working it in a Pilates session. We are creatures of habit after all. But have you thought about combining the two into your regular schedule? The two together […]

Inviting New Things into 2018 

As 2018 is getting into full swing, it’s a nice time to reflect on any resolutions you’ve made, what you want to see for yourself in 2018, and how you might be able to bring that into your life in a wholesome and lasting way. That’s why we’ve decided to run our The Studio Perth […]