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10 Years. Your Studio. Our Story.

To commemorate 10 years of bringing movement joy to the people of Perth, we sat down with the dynamic trio behind The Studio Perth to reflect on their stories: what led them here, and what TSP means to them.

Jo Harvey
Co-Founder Joondaulp + Butler

The Beginning.

It all started with Yoga in my 20s and a desire for greater flexibility (literally and figuratively – for life!) It was a Hot Yoga class that sparked the fire in me. Do you remember that first time, and the profound sense of accomplishment and calm and energy? It was nothing I’d ever felt before, and it had me hooked.⁠

An Accountant by trade (for nearly 15 years!), Yoga quickly became home: spiritual, physical, mental. It was exactly what I needed, when I needed it most: a support, coping, balancing, grounding mechanism. It is joy and love and happiness and connection and life! It’s part of my fabric – clearly! The depth of this connection made me question my life direction and potential and put me on the path of a nine-week teacher training in Hawaii in 2007. I’ve been teaching ever since. (Plus, a 200-hour Power Living Vinyasa training, plus an additional 200 hours in India and then I added on a Cert IV Mat Pilates training.) ⁠

The fascination (obsession) with movement evolved to include a combination of Yoga and Pilates. I fell in love with working with these two highly compatible modalities and their shared power to transform – something I’ve felt myself and seen in my Students.⁠

The Business.⁠
I was drawn to WA and deep down knew I would start my own business here. I opened my first Studio in Joondalup on the 8th of May, 2010 – there was nothing like Bikram Yoga in the area at the time. In March 2013, I added an Ocean Keys Studio to the mix. As any business owner will tell you, there’s high-highs, and low-lows: opening a second location took a serious toll on my health. I entered early menopause at 39 years old and lost my chance to have kids. But I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason.

In July 2014 I took on a business partner – Robbie. I was struggling to manage “everything” and myself and I was losing a handle on my intention for the business, which had always been so powerful and guiding.

My health improved and my connection with Yoga and Pilates changed (as it does in a lifetime love affair!), but the depth of love is still the same. (Today, it’s important for my bone health – due to early menopause – regular physical activity and exercise is so important in maintaining and hopefully improving my bone density.)

With Robbie, we added a new style of Yoga to a schedule that had, up until that point, been purely Bikram Yoga (90-mins). It was one of many of our calculated risks, and exactly what we needed to do. We never looked back! While it was sad to say goodbye to Ocean Keys in December 2014, it created space and focus for Joondalup to blossom.

We rebranded, added Pilates, more Yoga styles and just kept moving and growing. “Change or die” is true! There’s no time for stagnation and I have loved every minute of the “new stuff” we add – and have ensured I can also teach all the new styles (except Yin Yoga, that was my ‘be a student only’ class – a girl has gotta have one!)

In 2015, we welcomed Hannah to the family with a new East Victoria Park Studio – a powerful and perfect addition. She opened doors, grew and nurtured a new community of Students and Team members, and cemented our presence in Perth.

Then in December 2018 Robbie and I opened the beautiful Butler studio, it was time for the next one!

We also rebranded again recently, to The Studio – because it made sense! We had outgrown our beloved YTP and ready for the next phase of our story.

There is a significant workload that comes with a growth mentality, and nurturing our people, and culture and community! (Understatement!) But Robbie and Hannah and I work so well together. We have our distinct roles, we own our “lanes”, but work so very effectively together. Collaborate. Divide and conquer. You name it! We are a team and a family – first.

They say, “your vibe attracts your tribe” and I believe this to be so true: I’ve seen it. The Studio (your Studio) has always been my home away from home and I’m honoured that so many of you feel the same way.

There are so many people that make up TSP today, and I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

One of my intentions from Day One of Bikram Yoga Joondalup was to always be about the people (the teachers, managers, admin and the community) not ever about me (the owners). I feel like I have achieved that. The Studio is now a community and a feeling of #livinggenerously.

2007 changed my life! It sounds cliché, but it really did. My intention has always been the same from when I started. Your passion can be your work…. Yoga and Pilates are a great vehicle to give you the courage to change your life… how could we not share this!

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend my own birthday which is another reason Rob and I held off celebrating in May, but it looks like it will be a while (due to my being in Victoria!) until I can fly over. As much as this makes me sad, I know that this milestone needs to be celebrated THIS YEAR and I will tune in over lots of Facetime calls so I can be a part as much as possible. My heart feels full in this celebration of 10 years, thank you for sharing this with us!

Robbie Hamilton
Co-Founder Joondalup + Butler

I was spiralling down a hole that was destructive and I needed something more powerful in my life than my illnesses and boredom from the kids growing up and not needing me so much. I was a heavy smoker and believe it was my attempts at quitting that brought on Rheumatoid Arthritis through a weakened immune system. It was incredibly painful and no amount of alcohol and medication could quell the sickness I felt from the chemo treatment for it. I would take up smoking again and the RA would go away, then quit and suffer it again. I wasted my days away doing nothing worthwhile and I felt that I had no purpose.

I found Bikram Yoga in Joondalup: 2nd February 2012. I immediately loved the heat and movement and community. I completely absorbed myself into the practice and within months I had kicked the smoking habit, my RA went into remission (and still is!) and I had something to keep me busy and occupied. Fast forward six months and I decided to learn how to teach this dynamic Yoga and started preparing for the training in Los Angeles early 2013. 

One year later I had the opportunity to buy into the business I loved so I begged, borrowed and stole (not really) to make this happen and have never looked back! 

We changed our name, we added different styles of Yoga, we reduced the Bikram sequence to 60 minutes for some classes, we introduced Pilates…..we evolved. 

The Studio is my life, my home away from home, my second family. I love how many others feel the exact same way, and being such an important part of people’s lives is so incredibly humbling and rewarding. Our business motto is “Live Generously” and it is so easy to do when generosity is all around you. 

Hannah Gillette
Founder East Victoria Park 

After finding a passion with Bikram Yoga I went to LA to do teacher training in 2011 and purchased “Bikram Yoga Victoria Park” in 2014. The whole schedule back then was 90 minute classes. Teaching and practicing Yoga lead to further my interest in movement and I went on to study Pilates. Incorporating both Yoga and Pilates into what we now know as The Studio Perth has been a massive journey and one that I have loved and never second guessed. Being able to share these methods with the people of Perth has been and continues to be a wonderful privilege.

I’ve been lucky to work with two awesome ladies- Jo and Robbie. These girls are a constant inspiration and I’m so happy that I joined the Yoga Tree Perth team back in 2015. 

We’ve planned together, travelled together (survived COVID together) and of course sweated (a lot) together. 

Girls: an absolutely amazing achievement – 10 years! Super proud of you both and so grateful to be a part of this journey with you. Xo

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